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Each brand design process takes approximately 5 - 8 weeks to develop. Full branding processes including websites can take up to 2+ months from the initial consultation to the finishing process.

It all depends on the project, number and complexity of revisions, client response time and my booking schedule. I will be giving you in advance a detailed schedule

1. Initial Consult

2. Booking

Like any relationship everything starts with a first date. After your initial inquiry we will set up a phone or video chat and we will be asking you about your business, vision, goals for your branding design project and or website design. This would be your opportunity to ask questions about me and will give us both a chance to see if we are a perfect team.

If we hit it off and we find that we are the perfect team, I will put together a proposal for you and email it to you. If you agree and everything is OK you will sign it and keep a copy for yourself and email me back a copy. At this point I will ask you to complete the deposit payment amount by wire transfer or check, in order to hold the spot in the queue of Videocom Media. Please note that the deposit is non refundable.

3. Homework

4. Inspire & Create

Since we have some time between steps I will give you some homework to prepare. I will send you a branding questionnaire for you to complete, in order to insure that we both are on the same page with the project. I will also ask you to provide me with a pinterest board full of branding inspiration, for ex. colors, interiors, outfits and patterns) This provides valuable information for me in the design process.

Now the party starts! Once I have the questionnaire and the pinterest board I will put together your color palette together with a style inspiration that will set the overall tone of your brand. Once approved by you, within 14 business days you will receive your first logo with variations to review and are given the chance to perfect it up to 2 times in order to make sure you really really love it.

5. Polish & Brand Completion

6. Brand Completion

Once the logo is approved by you I will put it all together, the color palette, inspiration photos, submark, logo variations, fonts , patterns, etc. Once the final payment is received from you I will send them all in a dropbox link so you can download your files .

At this stage I will take your new logo and continue it through the media process, ie print ( letterhead, Business cards, envelopes etc ), social page design ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ) in order to complete your seamless marketing integration.

 Full Band continued

7. Website Design

8. The Launch

Once your business look is all done I will begin work on the website design. At this point we have to make sure all your web content is finalized so we make sure the design will contain all your necessary and approved information. Within 14 business days I will provide you with a detailed mock-up of your website homepage and one interior page for review and approval. Once approved we will either send the mock-up to our developer or work on the programming ourselves ( depending on complexity of the website ) and finish up the programming stage within 2-3 weeks. Once ready, the test site will be sent to you for review and approval. You will receive one full review to the content and have opportunity to make changes that I have missed. After that I will send an invoice for the final website design.

As soon as final payment has been made your site is ready for launch. We can then transfer the site to your desired hosting and domain name.


We will place a coming soon page and within 24-48 hours the transition is complete.


I will also provide a tutorial on how to make small changes to your website yourself, or if you would like us to take this over for you, we can provide you with our maintenance plans detailed pricing.


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