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Thank you very much for visiting my site. My name is Carmen Forrest and I am the designer behind Videocom Media. We are operating since 2000 as a  boutique design studio specializing in branding and website design.

As an international marketing graduate I am a self taught designer. Design and fashion were always my passion and I am happy to say that I love what I do; I am one of those people that  wake up every morning happy to go to work. I always believed in the power of the design, the power of color, images and beautiful typography, However we all know the quote:

" Everything is designed, but few things are designed well"


so here I position myself with by providing customized branding and website design services. Every project I take, I approach first of all with an open mind and always try to understand my client's vision, philosophy and background. By first understanding these concepts I am able to create not only something unique but to express each of my clients' ideas and vision in each design I make, no matter how big or small they are.  I understand my job not as being able to express my ideas into the work I do, but to take my clients' vision and passion for his product or service and package it not only the most pleasing to the eye, but also to market that product to his targeted market.

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Custom logo design, custom design boards, custom stationary, posters, customized  website design, custom restaurant starter packages, customized start - up packages for any industry and many many more. Basically anything you may need for your marketing needs. If you don't see what you are looking for listed here, just contact me and I assure you that we can help you out.  My projects are each a reflection of each of my clients and they always start with research, a good attitude and an out of the box frame of mind. That is why I love working with people who are open to new ideas, clients who want to build a brand from ground up and are like me always thinking outside the realms of things that can be done. Together with my clients I believe that we can create unique and memorable brands.


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On a personal note

After living in New York City for many years I just opened another office in  Stuttgart, Germany. While I do enjoy the more peaceful and structured lifestyle in Germany.... and yes the bread, the proximity to all the beautiful old European cities, the Weinhachtsmarkts, the outdoor terraces that spring all over each sidewalk in the summer, the fact that you can just sit with a cappuccino in front of you for hours and hours and no waiter is going to give you dirty looks, in my heart I am still a New York City girl ... I miss the ocean, I miss Long Beach and the walks on the beach early in the morning with my dog, Chocolate,  I miss Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and the amazing shopping. But for all the things I miss I just found the best person for me in Stuttgart... and that in it alone is amazing!


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